By Luza

Once upon a time, it was believed that we are the center of the cosmos, that the lights of the sky travel around us. Then that was overturned. It was replaced by another delusion, that orbits were perfect centered circles, in keeping with the sense of symmetry belonging to the primates traveling around Sol.

Of course, orbits are not perfect centered circles. If they were, Earth’s moon could not be closer to us today than it is at any other point in its orbit. And it is.

It’s also full, a combination of circumstances that occurs once or twice a year.

When regional high tide lines up with the full moon or the new moon, you get a spring tide (this can occur at any time of year; the opposite at the quarter moon is a neap tide, not an autumn tide.) When a spring tide occurs in concert with the moon’s perigee, as it will tomorrow morning in Brooklyn, you get the highest possible tide. Rails and sparrows come out of the marsh grass to stand in the light.

It was once believed, by certain Europeans of repute, that swallows, storks, and other birds of passage migrated to the moon. If this were only true, we could expect a variety of interesting accidentals in the near future, perhaps.

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