Cypress Hills

Quiet as the....

Yeah, so as you might have guessed, I’ve been riding low in the water with grad school application stuff again. But never fear! This weekend – yes, I say, this very weekend – yours truly is going on a little pelagic jaunt with the good folks of See Life Paulagics. My hopes are high for some alcids.

And then, in mid-February, after all the applications are in and around the time I start to go crazy worrying that I’ll be rejected everywhere, The Inimitable Todd and I have planned a little Valentine’s Day mini-vacation. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any cootie-related program activities*. It does, however, involve going to Amherst Island and Cape Vincent for three days of owling and other cold-weather birdy delights with Lakeshore Nature Tours. And possibly cruising back down via the Adirondacks looking for some of the mountain specialties, depending on the weather.

Plus, of course, I may actually go to the park or something again someday, who knows?

So at least you have something to look forward too.

*not that I’m going to tell you about, anyway.