So, as those of you who follow along with my multifarious online facets already know, I’m applying to various programs in an attempt to get my flippers on an M.F.A in Creative Nonfiction with a nature writing concentration. In order to be invited to plunge back into academia, though, I need a portfolio, and it needs to kick ass.

The bulk of my portfolio is composed of the proposed first chapter of the proposed Labrador Duck book. But I also want a few shorter pieces, and for this purposes, I’d like my loyal readers to let me know which they consider the Greatest of the Auk – entries that you think are A.) well-written and B.) would respond well to being expanded into longer essays. Unfortunately, the Inimitable Todd’s photos and my many informative links won’t reproduce well in printed format, so don’t take them into account when nominating.

Thanks in advance for your time and the use of your brain cells!