In the birding stock market, pelagics attract the day traders – their risks are high (expensive, can be scuttled instantly by bad weather, you might spend more time leaning over the rail than watching birds) but so are the potential rewards (Tropicbirds! Albatrosses! Species of petrel believed to be extinct since the 1800s!) They also represent one of the few ways that the all-conquering savanna ape H. sapiens can experience what it is to be small in the face of an element that is still, defiantly, not ours. When that last strip of land disappears over the horizon, even the sturdiest boat suddenly seems very, very small.

Renting a paddleboat at Prospect Park is nothing like that, of course. But it is a lot of fun!

The Inimitable Todd and I started our mini-pelagic near the Wollman Rink, and headed up the Lullwater. Plenty of the usual Mallards and Canada Geese crowded the shores, waiting for handouts. A small family of Mute Swans were less forthcoming, and the male got downright testy when our imperfect steering brought us too close for his taste.

What are YOU looking at, buddy?

What are YOU looking at, buddy?

Further up, we found ourselves in the flight paths of many Barn Swallows – a lot less threatening than the Swans, but equally fearless. The sunning turtles, on the other hand, were dubious about our intentions.

Dont make eye contact, maybe theyll go away....

Don't make eye contact, maybe they'll go away....

And of course there were herons. While we didn’t run into any of the wildly out-of-place post-breeding wanderers that I discussed earlier, we did see several Green Herons (which bred successfully in Prospect Park this year) and Black-crowned Night Herons.

The Lurking Heron would make a good story title...

The Lurking Heron would make a good story title...

So, for mid-August in Prospect Park, it was a pleasant, birdy day on the water.

But nothing like what’s coming in September, when the IT and I head to California for a REAL pelagic!

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