Now that the public comment period is over, suddenly the Tejon Ranch developers are getting all disclose-y.

Have I left seeing the Everglades too late?

Recently, I have been seized with a great cynicism. When I think of staying in New York, I think of rising sea levels; when I think of moving out west for a new start, I think of the Yosemite supervolcano, or less melodramatically of being another burden on an ecosystem that was never realistically able to host the number of humans it has now. I wonder if we’re even going to be able to get it together enough to get a decent health care plan or get out of the useless, grinding wars we’re in, let alone save the world from the consequences of our endless needs and wants. Here in the States, the new administration has overturned some of the destructive, unscientific things that the last administration did, but not enough. It’s never enough. We’ve already trashed this continent six ways from Sunday. Most people don’t, maybe can’t comprehend the scope of what we’ve already lost, so they don’t understand that we really can lose what’s left.

Still, occasionally there are these flashes of hope.

Maybe I need to go out and look at some birds.