I feel compelled to point out that I am not the only birder getting all literary with it lately: the most recent I and the Bird, over at Picus Blog, contains much to beguile the wordy as well as the birdy, including the use of the always-fun Literary Agent Hypothesis (my own, less-fun literary agent hypothesis: finding a literary agent is going to take awhile) and a cunning cliffhanger ending.

Also, if you want in on the next edition of I and the Bird, get on it, because the deadline has been pushed up to Sunday.

ETA: While I am flanked in the world of fiction as described above, Jochen at Bell Tower Birding is making a play to steal my tech writing job! Of course, if I become redundant I’ll have more time for birding…. if I can just figure out how to make staring at herons pay the rent.