I haven’t looked at any birds (except for a number of young House Sparrows, a few Starlings, and some more Pigeons) in almost a week, due to the fact that I’ve just….

Drumroll, please….

Finished writing my novel.

Now to convince someone to actually publish it!

(Sorry, Jochen, no Labrador Ducks in this one. There are some crows though.)

Now, I know that a book that may or may not come out in a couple of years is exciting mainly to the author, and to those, like the Inimitable Todd, who have been patiently waiting for the author to log off of her computer and rejoin the land of the living. For those of you into more instant gratification, the guys at 10000birds.com are once again running one of their fine book giveaways: this time, the tome on offer is Olivia Gentile’s Life List, a widely-praised biography of Phoebe Snetsinger, lister extraordinaire and one of my inspirations in this crazy game called life.