Waaaaaaaaaay back on April 1, I got a text message from my brother Brian, he of the otters eating herons. In this missive, he announced that there was a black bear wandering around the Olde Homestead, just behind where the barn used to be when the barn used to be there.

“Holy Cra….. waitaminnit,” I said, and texted him back “Nice try. Pics or it didn’t happen.”

But what’s this? Barely (haha) two months later, not one but two young bears have fallen into the hands of the authorities just a slender county over, having gotten themselves run over on Erie County’s copious and mostly unnecessary highways. A home-grown account may be found here.

So, what’s going on? Did Bri, in some twisted ursine perversion of the Prosperity Gospel, name the bear and inadvertently claim it? I doubt it. We’re not a magical family, by and large.

So what’s up? Bear baby boomlet? Some ecological disruption to the north forcing bears to roam in search of new habitat? Or sheer coincidence? The DEC notes that black bears are prone to roam, and the population in New York State may be up to 7,000, so coincidence cannot be ruled out.

But if not, Brian has a lot to answer for.

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