I had a really spiffy post written for your weekend perusal, about my trip to the Olde Homestead and the marvelous bird observations I made there, but alas, I left it in my notebook at work, so I guess it will be for your coming workweek perusal instead.

In the meantime, though, I’d like to highlight some awesome at another blog. You see, while I’ve been fucking around misplacing my notebook and contemplating the eternal mystery of where the Cliff Swallows came from and where they went to (of which more in due time,) Charlie over at 10000 Birds has been productive in a more meaningful way.

He’s on a mission. And his mission is to raise money to support research into the Sharpe’s Longclaw through the Small African Fellowship for Conservation. Sharpe’s Longclaw is a highly endangered bird endemic to the grasslands of Kenya. Clicking on this handy link will take you to an explanation of the project, a virtual tip jar for donations, and some beautiful pictures of the Longclaw – a Meadowlark look-alike that is very underdocumented in the wild. Do it because Charlie’s awesome, or so I don’t have to write a species eulogy for a little brown-and-yellow bird in this space. Do it to make the world a better place. Do it to embarass me because I don’t get paid until the 1st of September. Do it because, in the immortal words of Richard Thompson, generosity is like a lucky charm. Go on, then. Do it.

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