Let me say this right up front: Dirk Kempthorne is a stupid name. Not just because “Dirk” is clearly a moniker that belongs, now and forever, to the porn industry, no. But because the nation’s highest-ranked Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of the Interior nominated by President (*ptui*) Bush, is a stupid and/or evil man.

Here is what this stupid, evil man has done.

He’s proposed regulations that would allow individual agencies to police themselves on their compliance with the Endangered Species Act, rather than having the EPA oversee them. At best, this involves taking the oversight out of the hands of trained experts and putting it into the hands of people whose expertise is in some entirely different, irrelevant field. At worst (y hallo thar, Bureau of Land Management!) this involves putting the fox in charge of the henhouse in the name of “increased efficiency”. As a person of extensive agricultural experience, I can assure you that fox-watched henhouses are very efficient indeed… for some purposes.

He’s proposed regulatory changes that would limit protection of an endangered species to only where it is presently found, rather than throughout its historical range. A brief consideration of the Whooping Crane, let alone the California Condor, will show why this is ludicrous from the perspective of actual wildlife conservation, as comforting as it might be to certain economic interests.

And last but not least, he’s proposed exempting all greenhouse gas emissions from EPA regulation.

Tell this evil, stupid man who is dishonoring the Kempthorne name what you think of him here.

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