I hadn’t seen the partially leucistic (?) American Robin near the Dog Beach since my first encounter with hir back in April. I assumed that this eye-catching bird had caught the eye of local hawk or some other predator and gone the way of all flesh.

Not so! The tireless Rob Jett has been chasing rumors of the Robin for awhile, and he finally caught up with it this Sunday. He got some photos that you should definitely check out; it’s almost as good as if Inimitable Todd had been there!

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up to go see those “real” Robins and the other birds of the green and pleasant isle & co. I’ll be spending the bulk of my time in London and points reachable on a day-trip from London by train, followed by a jaunt up to Glasgow and thence to Inverness. While I already have a smattering of British birds on my life list from a prior trip to Glasgow (including Shag, Grey Heron, Hooded Crow, Pied/White Wagtail, the aforementioned Robin, and most importantly Little Auk) I’m looking forward to adding a lot of lifers, enjoying some scenic countrysides, and making a number of jokes about Great Tits, as is required by law of all American birders who visit Britain or Europe. Good times; if anyone has any suggestions about what to check out, particularly in the London area, let me know!

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