Most disturbing bird-related news you will read this week: “Sex Pest” Seal Attacks Penguin.

I’ve been thinking about penguins a lot lately. (Although most emphatically not that way.) You see, last week I was writing a bit of promotional fluff about Boulder Beach in South Africa and it popped into my head that if I undertook the trip I was describing, it would feel weird to count the Penguins. I guess “and then the goddamned thing flew away before I see its undertail coverts” is just too thoroughly ingrained in my idea of what birding is all about. Even despite the birds that practically sit on the subway handrail and everything.

So, I’ve never seen a listable flightless bird and obviously this is causing me, of all people, a neurosis (although, again, I’m clearly more mentally stable than some pinnipeds I could mention) so, my loyal readers, have you seen one? How shall I fix this? South Africa? The Galapagos? New Zealand? The list of flightless birds, of course, has many holes that make me bitter, but still, it’s interesting reading.

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