I gotta tell you, getting sick with the stomach flu during the first weekend in May is a bad plan for a birder, and especially a bad plan for a birder that has one of those irritating jobs where you have to show up, day after day, and waste valuable daylight hours inside. (My brother, with whom I debated the merits of indoor vs. outdoor jobs at Christmas, is no doubt laughing at me. But hey, at Christmas it was cold.) Net result is that this week I’ve been in Prospect Park maybe four hours all told, and while I’ve rounded up a few more species for my year list – notably Ovenbirds (my favorite wood warbler!), Black-throated Blues (also my favorite wood warbler!), Chestnut-sided Warbler (another warbler of which I am notably fond!) and American Redstart (a fine, upstanding warbler that I can’t possibly say enough good things about!) I’ve now dipped twice on Prothonotary Warbler (three times if you count the fact that there were apparently two of them in the park simultaneously today,) dipped on Kentucky Warbler, dipped on Summer Tanager, couldn’t get to the Blue Grosbeak, and missed such basic birds as Black-throated Green, Blue-winged Warbler, and everything on the page of Peterson’s entitled Warblers:Strong Yellow and Black Head Patterns (to be fair, I wasn’t really expecting a Bachman’s.) I still have no orioles for the year except good old Scotty. I apparently missed both Black-billed and Yellow-billed Cuckoo. It’s enough to make a girl want to go freelance.

Still, as bad as things are, they could be worse. I did get the Yellow-breasted Chat – sure, I already had one for the year, but beggars can’t be choosers.

At least I’m not alone in my misery.

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