Photo by Todd Zino

This immature Red-tailed Hawk, along with another one of similar age (a nestmate, I assume) was hanging around the Farragut Houses in Brooklyn last week and really pissing off the local squirrels. Around this time of the year, last summers’ cute little fuzzy eyases are now dorky new grads looking for a likely place. Unlike the young of some species, they’re definitely not going to be welcome to move back into Mom and Dad’s basement if they can’t make it on their own, so the stakes are pretty high. Todd and I were speculating on the suitability of the abandoned parts of the Brooklyn Navy Yard as Red-tail habitat; at first blush it seems small and crowded, but on the other hand, all those tragic rotting buildings on Officer’s Row practically scream for rats to come be fruitful and multiply in them, and where there’s rodents, there’s things that eat rodents.

(don’t worry – updates on the Scott’s Oriole and the rest of today’s adventures are on the way!)